About Agulis Pigments

Based in Yerevan, Agulis Pigments is a limited liability company that specializes in manufacturing natural pigments. Inspired by iconography within historical manuscripts and architecture, we began studying Armenia’s longstanding tradition of producing pigments; with preservation in mind, and staying true to the heritage, we established Agulis Pigments in 1994—to responsibly research Armenia’s natural resources and unearth historical pigments. In keeping with this legacy, we currently produce a comprehensive line of natural earth and mineral pigments, and continuously conduct research to discover and develop new pigments.

With the prevalence of synthetic pigment use within the paint industry, we strive to help preserve the practice of using natural pigments in modern paint. We work with professionals and partners around the world—that specialize in manufacturing products based on earth and mineral pigments—to introduce natural alternatives within the marketplace.

In line with our mission, we also encourage artists to rediscover the art of making their own paint using natural pigments, instead of only relying on ready-made conventional products. Making paint can be cost effective and more environmentally friendly; but also, this mindful approach and creative process can help artists develop a deeper understanding and relationship with their materials—for greater proficiency with one’s medium. Additionally, it allows artists to be in control of the ingredients in their materials—avoiding dilution, unnecessary additives, and potential contaminants that may be found in premixed paints. Moreover, it presents an opportunity to create a personal palette, and make paint much like the master artists throughout the centuries.

We aim to offer greater accessibility to Armenian pigments; all of our products are available internationally for many applications—within the fine arts, paint manufacturing, and conservation and restoration.